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Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 64GB Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 64GB
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Brand: Mi Xiaomi Model: Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 64GB
Rs.30,990 Rs.34,990
Brand: Mi Xiaomi Model: Mi Router 3C
Mi Router 3COverviewSpecsSupportF-codeBuy nowMi Router 3CSmarter router, faster Wi-Fi4 high-performance antennas300Mbps speed, 80m Wi-Fi rangeMi Wi-Fi app (Android and iOS compatible)₹ 949 ₹ 1,199*ADSL or cable modem is required4 high-performance antennasSupports up to 300Mbps wi...
Brand: Mi Xiaomi Model: Mi Small Camera iP68 40M Waterproof Housing Protective Case
Product Description1. High quality waterproof case for Xiaomi Mijia small camera. 2. Mijia small camera waterproof shell has IP68 level protection, can achieve 40 meters in depth waterproof. And in a variety of applications to achieve waterproof, rain, splash, anti-pressure function. 3. Hi...
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