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Model: Mi Power Bank 2C 20000mAh
Mi Power Bank 2C 20000mAh...
Model: Mi Power Bank 2 Dual USB 10000mAh
Mi Power Bank 2 Dual USB 10000mAh...
Model: Mi Power Bank 2 10000mAh
Mi Power Bank 2 10000mAh...
Model: Mi Power Bank 10000mAh
Mi Power Bank 10000mAh10000mAhMi Power Bank10000mAh Panasonic/LG battery cells Business card sized 21.4% smaller Panasonic/LG battery cellsSized like a business card, 30% more energy denseWe used Panasonic and LG's latest 735Wh/L Polymer Cell technology to keep the 10000mAh power bank ext...
Model: Xiaomi (MI) Power Bank 16000mAh
Xiaomi (MI) Power Bank 16000mAh16000 mAhMi Power BankDual USB ports and premium Li-ion battery cells encased in a sleek aluminium casing  Super-sized 16000mAh capacityPremium Li-ion battery cells from reputable suppliers such as LG and Panasonic, with energy densities up to 725W...
Model: Xiaomi (Mi) Power Bank 10400mAh
10400mAh large capacity.Premium Li-ion battery cells from LG and Samsung add an extra 10400mAh to the battery life of your smartphone, tablet or digital camera. The Power Bank is capable of 2.5 recharges for the Mi 3.2.5full Charges on the Mi 34.5full Charges on the iPhone 5s1.5full Charges on the i...
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