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Qmart Easy Installment Plan

Leasing Rules & Regulations

Installment Calculator

Total Amount
Down Payment (Optional)
Installment Plan  3 Monthly Installments
 6 Monthly Installments
 12 Monthly Installments
 18 Monthly Installments
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This service is for Lahore only
Any Product can be purchased which is available on
Any amount above Rs 10,000 can be Leased
Verification in 1 day, Next day delivery
QMart reserves the right to approve or disapprove any application without giving any reason
There is 3% Fee whatsoever to apply for our installment plans
Guarantee of one friend or relative may be required, hence if the amount exceeds 100,000 Rs a cheque from guarantor could be asked
QMart will take post dated cheaques of total amounts
Lease can be planned from 6 months to 18 months

example:   6 months =   24%, amount to be lease is 100,000 x 1.24 = 124000 /   6 = Rs  20,666  will be 6 equal installments
example: 12 months =   42%, amount to be lease is 100,000 x 1.42 = 142000 / 12 = Rs  11,833  will be 12 equal installments
example: 18 months =   63%, amount to be lease is 100,000 x 1.63 = 163000 / 18 = Rs    9,055  will be 18 equal installments

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